About Us

Through stringent market research, the team at Social Genics found that health professionals were better at delivering health treatment than they were at marketing their businesses. This came down to 3 main factors:

  1. They were often way too time deprived and busy with patients
  2. They couldn’t maintain the necessary consistency and schedule needed for social media posting to become effective.
  3. Their time was better spent focusing on providing quality treatment than creating, optimising and posting material.

That’s why we created a service that addresses these 3 challenges. Our service provides you consistently with high-quality material, personalised to your practice and brand. We do all the work for you with minimum effort required on your part. Plus, our content will be optimised for Google search engine, website posting and all your selected social media platforms.

Who Are We?

Social Genics is operated by a team of social media marketing experts. Our professional staff specializes in preparing material for the relevant health professions. We’re focused on achieving and delivering results through our personalised and tailored content.

Our Team

Jason Schulz

 Web & Marketing Coordinator

Berris Saultry

 Business Development Manager

Amy McKimm

Content Creator

Brodie Ranson

Web & Marketing Specialist

Social Media Content Done Right. It’s That Simple